The availability of Wi-Fi has been an enormous productivity boost for the mobile workforce. According to Cisco, 75% of mobile data traffic on employee devices occur over Wi-Fi networks and 76% of employees connect through Wi-Fi access points. For ali its benefits, Wi-Fi has serious security shortcomings. Wi-Fi exposes organizations to devastating attacks through employees' mobile devices: People, devices and/or traffic can be tracked / hijacked by bad actors intercepting unsuspecting employees seeking to connect from Wi-Fi access points in airports, hotels, coffee shops etc.

Raising the stakes are tightening privacy regulations such as HIPAA & GDPR subjecting companies to significant penalties (up to the greater of € 20M or 4% of global revenue under GDPR and potentially millions of dollars under Hl PAA, often computed per breach). According to the Ponemon Institute, the average cast of a data breach reached $3.9M in 2018. 

Secure Wi-Fi for the Mobile/Remote Workforce 

Zebra offers users personal Wi-Fi connectivity for all their devices. Meanwhile, Zebra monitors connected devices, protects them from attack and entirely avoids susceptible 3rd party networks.