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Mobility office S

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Global Community Plan - It is a complete communication package with VoIP number, calling service plans, and all the other free OSC global messaging services that inter-operates with VoIP communication.

VoIP number - Global Community Plan comes with VoIP number that supports simultaneous multiple outbound or inbound calls.

Short Message Service - For a fixed monthly charge, you can send and receive unlimited SMS to US mobile numbers.

Virtual Secretary - Interactive Respondent System for managing incoming calls to the VoIP number for disposition such as forwarding to specific extension, forwarding to voice mail, sending a text as a message, etc.

Office Connect - Regardless of locations, any OSC group up to 5 groups can be all connected by one common Anywhere Intercom system. Any extension from each group can communicate free with other in the common community.

Anywhere Intercom - A secure and isolated OSC intercom system for a specific communication group with shared interest such as family, co-workers or friends.

  • The promotion is automatically renewed every month starting from the activation date and can be deactivated by calling 404020 or by dialing * 15002 * 41 #, once deactivated the option will navigate and call according to the basic rate.

    - For the Young offer the condition will apply that the user will have to make a minimum of 100 minutes / months of calls to all, if this threshold is not exceeded the user will be charged 2 euros.

    - The limit of the Ringo call on Ringo exceeded 1000 minutes, calls will be charged at € 0.05 per minute (with 60 seconds early shooting)

    All costs are inclusive of VAT - for more information visit our website or contact customer service at 404020, +393505999212

WebRTC Enabled

Calling over IP and PSTN with powerful programmable voice features to improve business outcomes and user experience.

Voice Quality Engine

Deliver high quality voice experiences using our low latency, feature-rich, carrier-grade network.


Create globally supported audio conferences with just a few lines of code.


Scale your calls globally with the ability to speak text to callers in multiple languages and accents.